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mercredi 21 août 2013

Astuce Peinture à l'huile : quelle palette à utiliser?

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I use wax paper on top of a paper towel to mix my oils. It is still a white surface and I just throw them away


If you're painting on a white ground, lay out your paints on a white palette, and if you're working on a color ground, lay your paints out on a a wooden palette. This way your colors look similar on your palette to what they'll appear on your canvas.


My palette is made from some clear perspex (Plexiglas) and I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning it so I wrap the palette with cling film before applying spots of paint on it. This way all I have to do when finished a session is to unwrap the cling film, wrap it up in old newspaper, and shove it in the bin.
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